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Why did you become a website owner?

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Shawn Gossman

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Jun 17, 2022
What made you become a website owner?

Way back when, when I was 13 years old, the internet was very basic. I guess you'd call it Web 1.0, the age of information. HTML was a basic language and I just got me a brand new fancy WebTV (which later became MsnTV) and it allowed me to easily access the internet through my TV. It was cheaper than a PC. I used it for a while, learned HTML on it and made websites with very long addresses from free hosting services like geocities.

I eventually got a PC and high speed dialup (not very high speed lol).

What originally attracted me to being a website owners was the chance to create something that I called my own and that people went to. It was empowering. It felt like I had my own store in a mall, a virtual mall, yet I sold nothing.

It has stayed with me almost 25 years later. I love making websites.

What's your story?
I started out with a few visits to a few forums. Started to use them and was liking the whole thing. I looked at playing around and installing. I did take sometime off. Came back and I am having a blast now. I do like helping people out with there forums.
I like contributing to the world of technology and having a couple of websites where internet users can click to get updates about certain niches give me joy. That is the basic reason I got into having websites.
It all started out like a hobby because I enjoy working with a group of people and managing them gives me fun. It was never about making money from it but it turned out so well. I'm very happy to have started working with forums.
I was introduced to online writing in 2006. I created my blogspot blog in 2009 where I was republishing my newspaper articles. I started writing online regularly in 2010 and started generating revenue in 2013. I use the money I made by writing online to buy a domain and host in 2015. I was writing on various platforms, therefore, I decided to build my own website.
The feeling of having something that's all mine and I decide how it's used is the main reason why I was moved to have my own website. Even though I started out small, I was very proud of my project and progress. Right now, I'm very proud of my decision because it's paying off now.
The feeling of having something that's all mine and I decide how it's used is the main reason why I was moved to have my own website.
I too enjoy that feeling.

Like with a forum, for example, it is almost like you own your own city!