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What's your hosting specs?

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Shawn Gossman

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Jun 17, 2022
I run two VPS machines.

1 for the regular server and another for MySQL.

My regular one has 8 GB of ram and 250 GB of storage.

My MySQL VPS has 2 GB of ram and 50 GB of storage.

I probably have more resources than I need but my advertising efforts on another site are currently paying my hosting bills so I just stick with what I got.

It's around $200 a month.
Ouch.... you may want to investigate Hetzner.... for a 4vCPU(AMD based)/8GB/160GB/20TB transfer I'm paying about $17 a month. For what you are paying I could EASILY get 3 16vCPU/32GB/360GB/20TB VPS's and be in hog heaven.
These are shared CPU's.
If you wanted dedicated CPU, then you can get 16 CPU/64GB/360GB/20TB for around $197 USD a month and FAR exceed what you have now.

I've been REALLY happy with Hetzner's service (I use the Atlanta location)