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What's your favorite music streaming app?

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Jun 27, 2022
I have been using only Spotify for streaming all my musics online for years now and it's very good because of the quick updates of new songs that I get once they are out. I have tried using YouTube music but I never liked their services.
This is a topic that’s on my site as well..I use Spotify and probably always will.I have tried others but for me Spotify works the best.
These days i pretty much solely use Spotify, they've done a great job really. I do miss the days of putting a disc into my PC and listening to Windows Media Player though.
Spotify is the one that I've made use of on numerous occasions and it is one of those nice apps that we have out there.
I use YouTube Music. I've been a youtube premium member for a few years now.

I did it mainly to get rid of ads but the music is nice too.