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What's the best software available?

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Do we actually have a choice like we had a decade before? The most natural choice is either XF or Invision.
I've wondered how good Invision is. Back when I used it, it was pretty good. But that was years ago.
It is costly. But it has its own merits. The last time I checked, they had many interesting features.
Mine :p

But in all seriousness, I think XF works very well if you are looking for a well put together, efficient forum. I feel like Invision just has too many features and can be overwhelming for administrators.
Invision is very good, been extremely happy since I've moved my forum over. As stated previously, it's probably not the cheapest option out there but you do get a lot of features, plenty I haven't had time to look into yet!
That's Discord.

Discourse is a forum software written using Ruby on Rails. Very popular, free, open source and much more..
I'll go against popular opinion and say that I don't like Discourse. Not because of how it looks, what language it uses, or features, but more of how difficult it is for the layperson to install onto common (non-VPS) hosting.

Take for example XF, to install: (Installation and upgrades - XenForo 2 Manual)
  1. Download the XF zip file
  2. Extract on your PC
  3. Upload to host
  4. Run install
To install Discourse:

Now, it might just be me being an old fart, but for someone who is not technically inclined and just wants to start a forum, that is a lot of friction.