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What's the best free hosting to use?

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New member
Jun 27, 2022
There is always an option to use either free hosting or paid hosting services for your website set up. Most new people that are interested in joining the webmaster industry prefer to use free hosting before going for the paid services. Which free hosting provider do you think is the best?
Right off the bat, I started with paid hosting. Free hosting slams all the ads in your face.
This was exactly my friend's opinion on making use of free hosting. You don't have much say in what the hosting provider does in it especially with the ads and all. Paid hosting is always the best way forward as long as you can afford to pay for it.
Tell me about it, I pay for a VPS Hosting package. It is big enough for 6 average forums, but my arcade forum hogs most of the space, pluse there is one other arcade forum on it also.
Apart from ads, freee hosting also gives you limited bandwith and limited storage. Therefore, your website will load terribly slow. I never used free hosting. I started with paid hosting, I chose shared hosting becuse it was cheap. If you want to try free hosting try 000webhost.