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What would make you leave your host?

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Some of the things that's going to make me leave the hosting company that I'm using are ;

1. Bad service
2. High down time
3. Poor customer service
4. Frequent increase in price
Too much downtime, bad and rude support

Or when they get sold. Like Linode got sold 3 months back. It will never be the same.
i have had several hosts over the years. But to answer the question I would say what’s already been posted plus unexplainable charges.
Worst host I had informed me their data center burnt down and they lost all the backups to.

The offered me another plan but with no discounts.

I passed on it.

Las Vegas Communications Solutions.
It's like GoDaddy. I keep hearing worse and worse about them.

I thought they were supposed to be one of the best at one time.
GoDaddy was owned by a single person? When was it bought?
Nothing, as I'm fully and 100% happy with proboards' free and shared hosting plan.