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What kinds of videos entice you to visit a forum?

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Active member
Jun 20, 2022
I'm into doing videos as part of our marketing and was wondering about other people's opinions on what kinds of videos entice them to visit a forum?
None. It's content that you need. An introduction about a certain website will not sell views. Having decent content in said videographic with a link to a forum, that sells views. But even then, it's gonna be hard to let people click that link. Most view the content, and move on. You'll only intrigue a small percentage of your audience that will end up on your site looking for more.
I think a welcome video could be possible in place of the welcome message or a mix of both.

But text is best on communities.
I can honestly say I've never visited a forum as a result of a video. Now, I have visited some social media links for a channel and the participants.... something about the folks at the Try Channel I get a kick out of... especially when they get involved in the booze ones. Justine Stafford was a hoot to watch as she progressed from a whiskey neophyte to liking the "good hooch". And to watch her when durian fruit is involved is priceless.
There... now y'all have a rabbit hole to go down. Once your fed up with it... I'll point another rabbit hole channel out!