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What are your hobbies?

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I'm into being eco-friendly, holistic living. I love learning how to be proactive in my, my family's, & my pets healthcare. I love being in nature. Trying to identify local flora & fauna we have even in our own backyard (10 acres of woods). I'm on several forums for various things. I'm an introvert so love to write. Spend time with my husband & furbabies. At least once a month we visit with my parents, have dinner, play games, chitchat. Summer is better as I'm outside way more either reading or taking care of my flowers.
Get the app iNaturalist for your smartphone. It will help you identify while helping science all at the same time :cool:
Informative! However, I don't have a cell phone lol I have several local guidebooks I browse through.
Playing video games
Watching movies
Working Out
Walking my dog

I have so much more but let's leave it at those one's.