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Forum Marketing Unique Ways to Promote Your Forum in 2023

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Unique Ways to Promote Your Forum in 2023​

It’s 2023, and you need to promote your forum.

But you’re probably not interested in the same old same old.

So, why not try something new for a change? I’ve been thinking about ways to promote my forum and wanted to share them with you.

We (all forum owners) are all in this together, anyway? So, let me share my ideas with you on how to promote your forum in 2023.

Promote Your Forum with a Referral Program​

Start a referral program on your forum.

Most software has a referral program feature or at least a plugin that you can use for members to gather points for everyone they refer to join.

Give something away for a certain number of points, whether physical or digital (or both).

Network with an Influencer​

Find influencers directly or closely related to the niche of your forum.

Ask them what it would take for them to promote your forum. You might have to pay something. On the other hand, you could return the favor with some promotion. See what it takes for them to endorse your forum.

This is a great way to get people on social media to find and join your forum.

Hold a Contest on Your Forum​

Host some content on your forum to get more activity and members.

The contest needs to be as easy to participate in as possible. No one wants to commit to harder contests these days. Make easy contests to get more members and activity on your forum.

Give away great prizes, and you’ll be able to retain membership for future contests.

Partner with Other Forums​

Back in the old days, forums were cutthroat competition. Now they’re trying to help each other.

So why not partner with other forums with events that will benefit both forums? For example, host online conventions or joint contests. Make a scavenger hunt where you have to visit both forums.

You can promote your forum and promote their forum all at the same time.

Promote Your Forum with Video​

Video is where it’s at. If you promote your forum with video, you’ll get attention.

Get on social media – YouTube, IG, Facebook, and TikTok and focus primarily on video content. You’ll catch much attention of many people, mainly if you use trending music.

Just try to be consistent about your videos to build up your audience.

Trends and Holidays​

Do something on every holiday you can and try to jump into trends.

Whatever the holiday is, have a theme for it. Then, make some events for it. If a trend is going on, try to be a part of the trend. These are the types of things that help make you viral.

Just make sure you include all cultures in your holiday celebrations. Everyone should feel welcome.

Guest Blogging​

You should be trying to build up your expertise as a forum owner.

Go post on the blogs of other people related to your niche. Write the best content to help the blogger and show yourself as an authority in the niche.

Getting your name out there and your forum will help build trust and curiosity in your audience.

With these ideas, you should be able to promote your forum and get more members. Of course, how often you perform these marketing tactics is up to you. But if anything in marketing has taught me well, it’s consistency for the win. Thanks for reading my article. I hope you enjoyed it.
Solid advice! I'd say that the biggest thing is simply trying new things whenever you can. Even if it seems like a strange idea, just give it a go if at all possible.
💯 agree!

Everyone is too used to their security blankets.

You got to try something new!

Otherwise you might be missing out on that big community creator!