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Uncrowned Guard

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Jan 2, 2023
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Uncrowned Gaming
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Uncrowned Gaming provides free, community-driven, online resources for the advancement, development, growth, and improvement of our user's shooter genre game-focused activities.

Uncrowned Gaming provides a free-to-use gaming-based community for everyone to use. Our community is focused on providing gaming guides and resources for FPS, Third Person Shooters, and other shooter-based games for both eSports players and casual players. We will always offer a free-to-use community and refuse to lock content behind paywalls.

Our communities are designed to be friendly and resourceful places for all of our users. Uncrowned Gaming's staff team hopes our users can find our website as a central point for their gaming needs.

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I always love taking a peek at game based things. I'm not big on shooters myself, but as a game dev, they super interest me!
Great looking forum!
I always love taking a peek at game based things. I'm not big on shooters myself, but as a game dev, they super interest me!
Thanks! We are trying to figure out the best route for the forum. The site and web content are certainly going to be shooter based, but the forum has been a bit of a question mark. Let me know if you have any ideas or feedback!
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New Guides

Recon Overview - Recon are specialized in using reconnaissance and guerrilla tactics to both aid their team with information and demoralize the opposing team. These players use stealth and short-range firepower to cause chaos among opposing ranks and use their ability to see and track opponents to inform their team of opponent movements. Gear setups are often focused on stealth with very short-range weapons that excel in destroying and disrupting enemy support players. Recon players are known for their “dirty” tactics and eliminating players without being noticed....

Destiny 2 Game Modes - Public Events, Heroic Public Events, Strikes, Nightfall, Raids, etc.

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Gaming News & Upcoming Releases

Damascus Camouflage is Back in Modern Warfare 2, But Players Will Have to Pay for It - It appears that the Damascus camouflage from the original Modern Warfare game will be added to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but players will have to pay for it...

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Event is Here! - Destiny 2's Iron Banner Event Now Active: Get Your Competitive Multiplayer On!...

Royal Air Force Takes Home First-Ever C.O.D.E. Bowl Championship at C.O.D.E. Bowl III - The Call of Duty Endowment (C.O.D.E.) Bowl III has seen the United Kingdom's Royale Air Force team take home its first-ever C.O.D.E. Bowl championship. The team, consisting of Air Specialist (Class 1) Technicians Matthew "Matty" Ingham, Connor "icxy" Fegan, Jamie "Unknown JWG" Griffith, and Corporal Kallum "Kalzony" Johnson, as well as influencer captains James "Spratt" and Kamille "JaffaInc" Jaffer, faced a difficult start to the tournament, placing last after the first two matches with only eight points. However, they managed to make a comeback in the second half, earning nearly 80 points and ultimately surpassing reigning champions Space Force Gaming and Air Force Gaming to take home the trophy...

So come and check out our growing community!!
-Uncrowned Guard

Uncrowned Gaming - https://www.uncrownedgaming.com/
Check what has been popular around Uncrowned Gaming lately and don't be afraid to jump into some conversations!

New Guides

Destiny 2 Rift Game Mode - Rift is a game mode in Destiny 2's Crucible that is centered around a unique objective: capturing a spark and carrying it to the opposing team's Rift. In this post, we'll take a closer look at the Rift game mode, including the objectives, strategies, and tips for success....

Destiny 2 Tower vs Rally Barricade - Titans have access to two different types of barricades: tower barricades and rally barricades. Both of these barricades serve different purposes and can be useful in different situations. In this guide, we'll compare the two barricades to help you determine which one is best for your playstyle...

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Gaming News & Upcoming Releases​

Activision Blizzard Settles DOJ Lawsuit Over Esports Salary Cap Controversy - In a dramatic turn of events, Activision Blizzard has agreed to settle a lawsuit brought forth by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) over allegations of anti-competitive practices in its Call of Duty and Overwatch esports leagues. The publisher faced accusations of imposing a soft salary cap for players, known as the Competitive Balance Tax...

Minnesota RØKKR's Bold Move: Benching Attach and Betting on Fame for CDL Comeback - In a surprising move, the organization has benched former 2015 CoD world champion Attach, replacing him with rising star Kevin "Fame" Bonanno. Signed as a substitute in July, Fame will now join forces with Afro, Bance, and Cammy as they prepare for CDL Major Four...

Steam Bids Goodbye to Windows 7, 8, and 8.1, Ushering in a Modern Gaming Landscape - As the clock ticks down to January 1, 2024, Valve prepares to usher in a new era for Steam, with the gaming client announcing its plans to discontinue support for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. Players with these older systems will need to embrace a more recent operating system to continue enjoying their favorite games...

So come and check out our growing community!!

Uncrowned Gaming - https://www.uncrownedgaming.com/
Check what has been popular around Uncrowned Gaming lately and don't be afraid to jump into some conversations!


Where Is Xur Today? - In Destiny 2, Xur is a mysterious vendor who appears on weekends and offers a selection of exotic weapons and armor for players to purchase. Xur's inventory changes each week, and he offers a variety of powerful and rare items that are not available elsewhere in the game....

Sniper Overview - Snipers are skilled marksmen who excel at long-range combat and precision shooting. They prefer to maintain a strategic distance from their targets, using high-powered rifles equipped with powerful scopes to eliminate enemies with lethal accuracy. Snipers rely on stealth and patience, carefully selecting their vantage points and patiently waiting for the perfect moment to take the shot...


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What are your thoughts on Icon Series emotes and skins in Fortnite? - What are your thoughts on Icon series emotes and skins in Fortnite? Is there any you would like to see that have not been seen in the game yet?


LOUD Roars to Victory in VCT Americas, Sets Sights on Tokyo Masters - In an adrenaline-charged showdown that saw sparks fly and hearts pound, the audacious Brazilian squad LOUD clinched a jaw-dropping victory over regional contenders NRG Esports on May 28. This accomplishment reaffirms LOUD's standing as a formidable force in the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) Americas, setting the stage for their impending clash at the Tokyo Masters...

Victory in Toronto: New York Subliners' Stellar Win at the CDL Major V - In an adrenaline-charged showdown that took the competitive Call of Duty scene by storm, the New York Subliners emerged as victors at the Mattamy Athletic Centre, proving their mettle after a grueling match against Atlanta FaZe in the CDL Major Grand Finals...

Groundbreaking Strike in Esports: League of Legends Players Unite - In a potentially historic, industry-rattling move, the North American League of Legends Championship Series Players Association (NA LCSPA) announced today an overwhelming player vote for a walk-out, marking the first industrial action of its magnitude in esports...

So come and check out our growing community!!
-Uncrowned Guard

Uncrowned Gaming - Uncrowned Gaming
Any reason why you maintain two separate communities? Are the members mostly the same, or mostly different?
At the end of the day, the core of my websites are the sites themselves. The guides, articles, blogs, etc. I have always loved forums and I always viewed them as both a solid community tool and a great way for users to interact with each other, but overall they are secondary to the core concept of each site. So while the sites are young and small, it seems odd that they are separated, the long-term goal will make more sense looking back.