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Stickers in a sort of black hat way...

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Shawn Gossman

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Jun 17, 2022
So, here's a marketing idea.

I'll warn you. It might be frowned on by you or others. I'm not saying I would do it or recommend it but I wonder what the majority thinks of the idea and how bad it is actually perceived as a marketing tactic.

Get stickers made advertising your forum.

Then start randomly sticking them on things during your travels. Whether local or away from your area. Stick them on bus stops, vehicles (if you can get away with it), directory boards at businesses, signs on the sidewalk, etc. Pretty much anywhere where people will likely walk by, stop, and look at it.

It could be seen as wrong because you'll typically do it without permission but it's easy to remove a sticker so is it really as bad as it sounds?

I'm interested in what people think of this sort of tactic?

Would you consider doing it? Why or why not?
Stickers are a great idea and cheap as well! I'm not entirely sure about sticking them on things you are correct that most people would not care, but it is still technically criminal vandalism. I have found success in giving them to people and discovering that many people are crazy about stickers.
Stickers (adhesive) would get your ass in legal trouble in many areas.
I can see magnetic ones though for placement on cars or magnetic items, but anything "permanent" is problematic.
You put a semi-permanent sticker on my vehicle (or any private property) uninvited, and I'll most likely be looking to clean up where your standing with your ass.
And I'm sure many other "private citizens" are of similar mindset, at least here in the States.