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Solar or Generators?

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Jun 27, 2022
What's your favorite alternative for electricity or power generation? Do you prefer using Solar panels and inverters to generate electricity or do you fancy getting petrol or diesel and use it on your generator? Which one is more expensive for you?
At the moment, I have only generator. It's serving me quite well. I must confess that I'm considering getting a solar system installed to save the high cost that I pay on petrol.
I'm an emergency management graduate.

We have a generator and extra fuel for it. I keep freeze-dried food and emergency water. I keep a first aid kit.

I have plans for quite a few different disasters for the family.

It is better to be prepared than not.
I would love to have solar panels but they need to be more cost-efficient to buy initially. & then they need to be able to be recycled at the end of their life.
We have a whole-home generator, a Generac we got installed just last year. We lose power a lot in this area & it's nice having the peace of mind.
I'm with @Shawn Gossman, it's good to be prepared. I'm into Prepping & learning skills that don't rely on electricity or tech.
We actually want to get some land here pretty soon and build a cabin on it. Use solar for electricity (clearing a space for it in the woods) and rainfall collection for water.

We'll just use it as a get away for now but it will be a nice technology disconnect here and there.