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Shawn Gossman

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Jun 17, 2022
Have you ever used Simple Machines Forum software?

SMF used to be my go-to free forum software at one time.

Back when I had, AAF, it was SMF from the start.

SMF is also still doing major upgrades to their software.

How do you all feel about Simple Machines Forum in general?
It's one of the world's ugliest software's. I just don't like it. Not really any reason why. :LOL:
It's one of the world's ugliest software's. I just don't like it. Not really any reason why. :LOL:
It doesn't look modern.

It looks old.

They've updated the software with a lot of great modern features but they need to update the look and feel, I can agree with that.

But I am sure a lot of people enjoy the look.
I've never had a forum with it and I dont think I've ever been a member on one, could be wrong. I had a quick search online for a few example forums and I actually kind of like the look In a nostalgia type of way, very 2005. 😁
This is what my old admin forum (Another Admin Forum) looked like when it was powered by SMF.


I think it had a good look with that theme in all honesty :)
I'm honestly contemplating bringing back one of my old domains that was on IPS and using SMF for it.
I still haven't installed the new version in a trial mode...but as with most scrips.. the looks can be changed via the style you choose.
Since i have a 4vCPU/8GB RAM/160GB storage VPS... I think I could try it out and not strain the system.
It's one of the world's ugliest software's. I just don't like it. Not really any reason why. :LOL:
Haven't played with the latest... but generally ANY decent and recent software script can be made palatable with some work.
I had a forum with the latest SMF update for a short time when I got back into forums a few years ago.

It was nice but XenForo is just the perfect software for what I need so I just stick with it.
Playing with it now here.... it's not open for registration since I haven't set up email for the domain yet.
Was the logo from my IPS site, which had similar colors to the SMF one I chose.
One thing I found with SMF.... there's not many real "add-ons" for it like there are with XF.
Got the mailersend approval for the domain (free tier).... so it's even now open for registrations. Whether it will stay on SMF or not I haven't decided.
One thing... you MUST have the domain live with a site before they will approve it.
With the free plan (you do have to put a credit card on file) you get 12,000 sends a month free.

Have done a little more tweaking to it as I learn it.... different background and logo area somewhat modified.
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