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Reference Secret Projects Forum - unbuilt aircraft designs and aerospace technology

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Jan 6, 2023
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Secret Projects Forum
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I guess this is a bit different. I dropped out of an Aeronautical Engineering degree, did an English degree, and ended up working in IT. So a perfect background to run a forum like this.

Secret Projects Forum is more than 17 years old now and was started mostly as a place to discuss aircraft designs that either never got built. This was something that had started to become a subject for aviation book publishers from the late 1990s, with Midland's "Secret Projects" series of books, but was an interest of mine since school. I found that 'secretprojects.co.uk" wasn't registered, so I registered it and set up an SMF 1.0 forum on a friend's server for free.

For every aeroplane that got produced, there were hundreds of designs that were drawn up, tested, put into brochures and made into desk models, even built as prototypes. If history had gone a little differently, they could have made it into service.

Even for well-known aircraft, there was a design process where the aeroplane's shape was created, modified, and iterated through many different stages.

The forum is now an active community and well-regarded reference source for aviation in general, and often used as a source. It has developed active sections on warships, tanks, and other related but non-aviation areas.

There are many publishers, authors and journalists on board as well as current and former aerospace engineers along with plenty of ordinary people just interested in the subjects.
I think you have a great forum going on there!

Back when I was younger, I was fascinated by Area 51 here in the States. They had a so-called supersonic aircraft reportedly called Project Aurora. I always loved reading about it. Space alien technology and all :LOL:

That reminded me of that but I bet your forum is way better haha