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Scrap your welcome message, add a video...

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Shawn Gossman

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Jun 17, 2022
My YouTube channel has an introduction video.

It's like a movie trailer basically telling you what to expect from my content. It has a lot of views and shares.

Could this same concept work with forums?

Instead of having the traditional text-based welcome message for guests, why not a video intro instead?

People are more likely to watch a video these days than read text.

How does everyone feel about this idea? Have any of you tried it with your forum before?
I actually greatly dislike the YouTube intro videos as they auto-play when I am just browsing. Half the time I already have a video open and now I have two playing all of a sudden. However, video media is certainly a solid choice, getting it done right is the hard part.
Definitely try to keep it from auto play on the forum but it would be interesting to see how a video message compares to written copy.