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Scrap the forum newsletter system and use a mailing list service (idea here)

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Shawn Gossman

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Jun 17, 2022
By default, forum newsletter system features in the core software just suck.

Most are designed with poor email set up that requires you to do extra things in order to hopefully get your email in their inbox rather than their junk mail.

And most forum software is designed to almost encourage people to opt out of getting an email from the forum rather than opt in on getting the email.

It almost seems like the forum newsletter system should’ve never been implemented because no one really uses it to its fullest advantage due to the lack of features all forum software has for the newsletter function.

A mailing list is gold when it comes to marketing your online community and your brand as a whole. I think a lot of online community managers miss out on the opportunity of having an effect of mailing list.

So in my professional opinion, I think we should scrap our default newsletter functions on our communities because they suck and they’re not very marketing friendly. And then we should use a mailing list service such as mail chimp, convert kit, Etc.

Then we use coal to actions and strategically place them all around the forum to encourage people to subscribe to the email list. Since they are manually subscribing, it isn’t violating any sort of privacy issues or anything like that.

And then you should send email newsletters out that talk about new topics and things that are going on on the online community but you should also include unique and exclusive content related to your communities niche and industry. You should definitely treat it like a mailing list that businesses would treat it like.

With this you create an additional form of owned medium. You create an additional community. You were able to remind members to come back to your online community and engage. And you even have the opportunity to profit from your newsletter.

What does everyone’s thoughts on this sort of idea?