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PHP Link Directory

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Shawn Gossman

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Jun 17, 2022
Do any of you remember PHP Link Directory?

It is a downloadable (premium) software that allows you to run your own link directory.

Do any of you or have you used it?

Do you think link directories still have a good place on the internet?
Google hates link farms. It's been a thing of the past.
So with Google, directories aren't really a no no.

Google just doesn't want you to pay for a "do follow" link which is what a lot of directories offer.

Instead, if you focus on relevant directories, you're in the clear.
Nice to know @Shawn Gossman

Tried to stay clear of them during the last few years.
In all reality, there are better ways of building backlinks these days.

Directories used to be widely used and then search engines came along.

Now no one uses them aside from trying to get a backlink.

I think forum directories attached to forums are fine. Those would probably get used.

But general directories are a waste of time, IMO.