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Painting your home

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Active member
Jun 20, 2022
I love painting, but wow, it really exhausts me so I've been avoiding some of the rooms I promised I'd paint. What are some of your painting tips?

One thing I found out is to use a long extension, such as a broom handle attached to the end of the roller, in order to not have to use a ladder.
I automatically went to outdoor painting.

Inside, we typically do that ourselves.

My gf is a hardware store manager. She gets paint at cost.

Ooh that's awesome!! And probably discounts on all the other necessities like brushes, tape (I prefer Frog Tape), rollers, etc... It adds up so fast and getting WalMart brand stuff is a big no since it's garbage. I tried a roller pad once and it got sheddings all over the wall. I hated it and had to go out and buy new roller pads.