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Shawn Gossman

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Jun 17, 2022
Howdy There,

First of all, welcome to Forum Admin Forum! Our community is dedicated to the discussion of forum creation, management, marketing, software, and profiting. Whether you want to make a forum for fun or a business, this forum is for you. We welcome people new to the forum and those with a lot of experience. We can all help one another out the way it should be.

I've created this topic to help you get started here at Forum Admin Forum, or FAF for short.

First things first, go to Your Account Details and update your profile. You can also access it by pressing your username on the red bar (right-hand side) right under the forum search and social media icons. There are more settings you can adjust from that point. You're encouraged to do it. Don't worry; you won't break anything! :cool:

Next, why not introduce yourself to the rest of the community? You can tell us everything about you or just the basics. Just understand that what you post on this forum (and the internet in general) is public and can be seen by everyone, including non-members. So, don't post anything too sensitive. Create a new topic and tell us about you, your forum, and your forum admin experience because we'd love to hear about it. If you could, also let me know how you found this forum! :)

Speaking of your forum, why not add it to your signature? You can add a link or a banner to promote your forum. We encourage it! It's free to do it! You can also promote your forum for free (and reply with updates to it daily) on our Forum Showcase section.

Oh, and one more big thing! Please read the official forum guidelines and always follow them. They're common sense. It's hard to break the rules unless you're trying to, which usually doesn't result in anything good.

That's it! You're in now!

Feel free to post new topics, reply to existing topics, and enjoy the forum. We have no rules for posting amounts. If you want to post a lot, be my guest. Just understand that I post a lot, too. :LOL:

P.s. If you know anything who might enjoy this forum, please refer them to join! :)

Thank you for being a member of Forum Admin Forum! I truly appreciate it and you!
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