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Marketing and Selling on WhatsApp?

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New member
Jun 27, 2022
Do you market your products on your WhatsApp and make sales from that chat messenger? It's something that I have come to start enjoying for a while now because it's been getting me a lot of sales for my offline business of selling computer gadgets and accessories.
I always promote my products on my status and it's how my customers view and buy from me.
This is how my sister promotes and makes most of her sales. She's got quite a big number list of viewership of her status on WhatsApp. There was a file she used to get over 1000 contacts viewing her status every day. It's helping her make a good number of sales on daily basis.
If you have physical products to sell, it's a good strategy to market it on your WhatsApp status. As long as you have a lot of people viewing your status, there's always a chance to get sales from there. When I was in the University, I sold my wrist watches on my WhatsApp status.