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Introvert or extrovert?

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New member
Dec 7, 2022
Are you the type of person that likes being inside most times or you want to be outdoor most of the times? Being indoor or outdoor have it's pros and cons.
The more I can be outdoors the better but I do like my indoor stuff like writing, blogging, and forums.

I'd rather spend the whole day outside, come inside in the evening for some computer time, dinner/shower and then bed.

That's my kind of day :cool:
Being an introvert vs extrovert is different from wanting to be inside or outside. I'm an introvert who loves the outdoors. Preferably in the warmer months though lol
Introvert likes their alone time. Extroverts are the life of the party. Ambiverts are in between.
I can do one on ones or small groups IRL but don't do well in crowds. I like my alone time & need time to recharge my batteries after going out. I also tend to write a lot. I rather write it than say it orally as my mind tends to go faster than the words can come out.
I used to be bad around a lot of people, but I forced myself to get over it.

I give presentations now and meet a lot of people so I had to make a change, I did it, and I'm happier now.

Not saying that's for everyone though.