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Image copyright issues

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Shawn Gossman

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Jun 17, 2022
Have you had members who share images or content as their own but end up being the work other another person?

How have you dealt with image copyright issues on your forum?
Setting yourself up on the DMCA Designated Agent Directory is a great start as it makes the process official and discourages the nonsense claims against you or your site.

Also having a meaningful and useful way for people to process claims and a policy on how you deal with those claims is a solid leg to stand on if things go downhill. Granted the policy can't be "No" and hope it goes away.

This is actually my DMCA page: DMCA Complaints

If it gets past that part, then things can get muddy, and thankfully my sites do have much for user-creator images where issues pop up a lot. Deciding who is correct and who is wrong is a tough battle and not helped at all that the government's copyright website is hot garbage. Although I don't know of many issues site owners have had as long as they take some sort of action as generally, the user is responsible for their data.

Granted, I'm not a lawyer and this is just works for me.