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If your forum software shut down...

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Shawn Gossman

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Jun 17, 2022
Whatever forum software you use, here is a scenario.

Tomorrow, they announce that the forum development has ended, and all services are being shut down. They also announce that your current version has security flaws and that you need to migrate away immediately.

No one picks up interest in patching the current version, either.

You have no choice but to migrate elsewhere.

What forum software would be your next choice? Or would you shut down your forum at that point?

I think this scenario is good to bring up because it allows you to think about the possibilities and create a continuity plan for your community.
MyBB. I love that software. Very neat and clean.
MyBB. I love that software. Very neat and clean.
If XF ever quit operating, I'd probably try Invision Community out.

I don't think I could ever go back to vBulletin.

I could do SMF or MyBB again if I went the free route.

Invision bothers me because it's no longer self-hosted. I'd rather have access to the database on my own terms.
I missed that then. Because I know people who self-hosted them even now. And, are not talking about moving.
I'd probably go over to XF, certainly wouldn't shut the forum. I really hope IPB doesn't go anywhere, I like my forum haha