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If you could develop your own forum software...

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Shawn Gossman

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Jun 17, 2022
Let's say you could develop your own forum software.

What would your main features be if you had the ability to make them?

What would set your forum apart from other platforms?

Disclaimer: I'm not asking this to get ideas to build forum software. I don't know how to code a forum platform. :LOL:
I would try to mimic features from Twitter or Facebook. They are doing well because UX is also playing its part.
My main features would be:
  1. As little JS as possible. Meaning JS is only used for things such as modal popups, and notifications.
  2. Something that you can throw onto a cheap shared and have it actually run without needing server optimisations
  3. Written in a language that powers around 70 - 80% of web servers
  4. A simple, clean interface
Basically phpBB.