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Forum Management How to Come Up with New Forum Topics

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It can be challenging to develop new forum topics for your online community.

But there are four simple methods to ensure you’ll never run out of new forum topics again.

And I’ll show you how to start doing these methods today!

Get New Forum Topics with Industry News​

Stay up-to-date on the latest industry news revolving around your niche.

Subscribe to newsletters. Follow industry news sites. Stay updated with the latest information about your niche. The moment they update is new content ideas for your forum.

I pay attention to all the forum software creators. When they post updates for their software, I can create new forum topics for those updates, which helps this forum grow.

Engaging with the latest news is essential to create dated content relevant to your forum’s niche.

Get New Forum Topics with Quora​

Quora is a question-and-answer site that covers almost every topic out there.

Look for questions about your niche and create content on your forum that allows your members to engage and answer questions. You can easily take questions from Quora and other Q&A websites and turn them into valuable new forum topics.

I log in to Quora each day for new topic ideas for my forum and to discover new things to blog about. It is filled with ideas that people want to read and talk about.

Ensure you’re putting the topics in your own words and writing them for your community members.

Get New Forum Topics with Social Groups​

Social media gives us the perfect backdrop for collecting new ideas for creating new forum topics.

Groups and communities, mainly, are excellent for helping generate new content ideas. People are always asking for help or posting resources. You can make these into forum topics using your own words and personal touch.

I always look for questions and posts that are being posted about the most. These are trending topics. I create content based on trends because it’s currently popular, and my community might wish to talk about it more because of its popularity.

Use social media to your advantage when coming up with new topic ideas on your forum.

Get New Forum Topics by Copying other Forums (Wait, read it first!)​

You can get a lot of new topics by spying on other forums in your niche and copying them.

Before you think it is wrong, look at all the forums in a niche. The content is the same, more or less. This is because every forum owner is doing it. They may be intentionally copying content or doing it without even realizing it. Unless it’s industry news, there is no such thing as original forum content. Somewhere along the line, it’s been repurposed.

I go to forums like mine and search for the most discussed content. Then I create new topics based on those topics. I put them in my own words, but I add something else. I added a twist or an additional component to make it a little more original. I never copy word for word – that’s wrong on many levels.

Creating new forum topics based on what other forums are talking about isn’t copying; your industry peers are inspiring it.

That’s all you have to do to start developing new forum topics. If you enjoyed this article, please reply to it telling me what other ways you came up with new ideas to post on your forum.