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How to become a forum moderator?

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Shawn Gossman

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Forum Admin
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Jun 17, 2022
Howdy friends,

We occasionally accept members to become moderators of the forum. We don't accept new administrators because there is really only one needed. Our moderators have a lot of authority and discretion to use their authority when needed.

To be considered as a potential moderator, we look for the following in a member:
  1. How active they are. We desire active members for moderator selections. An active member visits a lot and posts a lot of good content.
  2. How friendly they are. A staff member on this forum is often considered a best friend of others. We don't want hot heads. We want fun and friendly people.
  3. How helpful they are. If someone needs help, we look for the ones going out of their way to be helpful.
We don't have an option to request or apply to be staff. We will come to you if you meet the criteria and we're always watching.
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