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How many websites do you have?

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I have Peak Forum which is a general forum. I do have a 2nd, but I am not finished setting it up. Hoping to start a 3rd sometime with a partner.
I have just one forum at the moment. It's a health and fitness niche. The reason why I started the niche is because I want to sensitize a lot of people on the importance of keeping fit.
I have over two dozen websites, most of my websites are blogs and forums. My forums are niche-based (I don't have an off-topic section). Some of my blogs are single niche, whereas some blogs are multi-niche. I have AdSense running on 10 websites.
I have over two dozen websites
I used to be like that when I was younger.

I just don't have that time anymore or I'd probably still be like that!

I have a few active forums. Two is enough for the time being I think.

I have quite a few blogs. I'm able to do one post a week on the important ones, the others are really personal-brand so I don't need to be weekly consistent with them right yet, but maybe eventually.
Approx. 40. I test out a lot of strategies, play, go crazy. Then I can implement what I tested on clients' website. Not cool to use their websites to learn new tricks, so these websites allow me to have my own playground.
I used to have a lot myself, back in the AAF days haha. Too many!

But now I have a few...

I maintain 2 blogs weekly. Those are my main projects. I also have about 6 other blogs that are a WIP and not really updated much. Some don't need updating all the time. I use WP as any website solution aside from forums.

I have 3 forums including this one.

I have one static website that I custom code. It's a cycling apparel review site (I'm a cyclist) and the whole purpose of it is to learn and use programming language lol.