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How Else Do You Socialize?

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Dec 26, 2022
Forums are a great way of socializing with other people, but I was wondering... What other things do you guys do to socialize? I'm a Dungeons and Dragons addict myself. I'm in six campaigns a week!
I enjoy seeing my mates on a Wednesday night, we go to the pub and play Darts. That's more than enough socialising for me during the week haha
I lead hiking groups and enjoy doing that.

I've made myself some kind of local celebrity in the local hiking world so I always see "fans" out in the forest.

I socialize on Facebook. I have a hiking page with 11,000+ followers and a social group with 25,000+ members.

I am on several Slack accounts.

I'm a board member of four NPOs, all associated with public land management and local tourism.