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How do you deal with spam?

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Shawn Gossman

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Forum Admin
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Jun 17, 2022
Blog spam. Forum spam. Contact form spam.

How do you deal with spam on your website?

What has been the most effective way to combat spam?
I make use of moderators to deal with spam on my forum. They are charged with the responsibility of keeping the forum neat and clean from spam and trash.

For new members that joined, their first 5 posts are moderated to make sure they are not here to spam the forum.
Moderation is the best possible way to combat all manner of spam. The only problem with moderating posts or contents on your website is that it delays how often contents are posted on your website. Aside from that, any website that moderates posts will never worry about spams.
It seems like for a forum, moderation of accounts is the best mitigation method.

How about other websites though like non-member-based contact forms and blog comments?