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How do you come up with new topics?

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Shawn Gossman

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Jun 17, 2022
I do a number of different things.

For starters, I go to other forums that share the same niche and filter posts to show the most viewed or replied posts. I take those ideas and create topics off them in my own words but I always try to add something to make it unique. This is a great way to get popular topics on your forum. You just need to make sure the topic isn't outdated which many of them are.

I read articles around the niche and take each section of the article to create a topic about it. If you read a lot of articles, you can get a lot of ideas.

I post about niche industry news and updates in the markets.

I also do pillar content...

I take my main niche topic and create sub-topics, then I create sub-topics of sub-topics and sub-topics of those. The deeper sub-topics you go, the more ideas you can generate.

What tactics do you folks use to gain new ideas to create content about on your forum?
It can be difficult at times but I do look at other forums and news websites to get inspiration. They generally help the most I find.