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How do you come up with interesting topics?

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Shawn Gossman

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Jun 17, 2022
Do you have a certain strategy for creating interesting topics on your forum?

What is your strategy?

I'm not talking about just any topics here.

I'm talking about the ones that get the most replies and engagement.

How do you come up with those topics?
If you have topics that are open ended and engaging, there's always a good chance that it's pull in a lot of traffic. I have seen such topics on several forums and they do very well.
I love writing & learning so I'm always thinking of something. Since my forum is holistic, I take cues from e-newsletters I get to help educate others on living an eco-friendly, holistic lifestyle. Also just talking to others, even seeing something on TV, gives me ideas to post about.
I think of a lot of my topics right from my own head mainly based on my experience in the niche.

But when I need inspiration, I go to other forums that share the same niche and look for questions from their members for content ideas and then the most replied posts for ideas.

I then create them in my own words but I add something extra to it so that there is extra value added and its more your own.
It's difficult really because in my experience you never quite know which topics are going to get the most replies in, it's pot luck at times! Generally you'll get more posts when it's a topic people have differing views on and there is more of a debate but you can't pre determine what somebody's opinion is!
I treat forum content like I do with social media content.

Based on engagement activity, I'll rank it (and write down what it was).

Then other topics that follow will be of the same setup.

It works with social. It's worked well with forums.

Of course, I'm a bit of a content junkie, not everyone needs to do that.