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Holiday Themes

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Shawn Gossman

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Jun 17, 2022
Do you do anything special on your forum during different holidays and "celebration weeks"?

And example could be adding a Christmas theme around Christmas. Another example could be running trivia contests for learning about Black History Month.

Do you find that celebrating holidays and "themed days/weeks/months" is something forum owners should take part in?

What holidays and themes do you celebrate with your forum if any?
I thought about adding a holiday background. But it will have a direct impact on page loading speed.

Maybe I will settle with a Santa hat on the logo.
Created a background. Not adding as a full size


  • christmas bg.png
    christmas bg.png
    971.6 KB · Views: 2
I have created 2 sets of badges. They are for sale at $25 + PayPal each

One purchase per domain



Open to custom works.

Ping me if you need these. Thanks.