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Having Forum Partners

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New member
Jun 20, 2022
So I am wondering why people don't like having partners when starting and running a forum? Do we have anyone here that wouldn't mind having 1 or 2 partners?
I guess it all boils down to the responsibilities of the partners.

I usually start forums alone because I usually end up keeping them active by myself. I've had partners before. They usually become inactive and then complain when the forum isn't active when they return.

Of course, it really depends on the partner. If you find the right one, it all works out.

If you both invest money into it, then it might work out better. So you both get what you've paid for.
I think some people are more interested in running their forum project alone. It could be the only reason I see why most people don't look for forum partners especially when the nomen factor isn't a problem for them. Personally, I don't mind having a partner as long as we have a good plan and structure on how to run the forum together.
I'm the only Staff on mine. I prefer to run my forum by myself; I don't even have moderators. If I ever could move out of Proboards, I'd need some help with the technical side. But that too, would just be temporary help & "as needed". I've seen friendships end when conflicts arise. I'd have to REALLY know & trust the other person to give them equal partnership.