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Good support ticket software?

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Shawn Gossman

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Jun 17, 2022
What is a really good support ticket software these days?

I'd like to add this as a feature for clients I freelance with and eventually use it for customer support when I launch my agency.

Are there any good stable solutions to check out these days?

Would love to see free and paid options!
Freshworks is apparently free for up to 10 agents?

That's not bad!

It would be a good start for freelancing and then maybe go the custom route once I get into agency mode or just upgrade.
I just use Invision Community's built-in ticket system and it works really well IMO. However, I could see it struggling with large volumes as it is certainly designed towards a nice graphical UI vs efficiency. Kind of a strange add-in as it would make little sense to use unless you already used IPS 😅
Never heard of Hesk before, old time big?
Oh man that link has a link to phpjunkyard, I used to visit that site a lot to download their guestbook for use!
When I saw that link, I immediately went to it and memories started flowing in LOL.

I almost downloaded it and installed it (guestbook) to feel all retro.
We need to bring back Guestbooks. When you think about it, guestbooks really were just really simplified forums.
Guestbooks and IRC chat rooms are essentially what got me into forums.

I like the idea about chatting but the messages staying put rather than disappearing like they would in chat.