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Oct 4, 2022

Hey everyone,

As a little side project, I'm thrilled to tease an upcoming gaming social community platform that I've been setting up - Gaming Junction. Picture this: a space where gamers connect, collaborate, discuss, and dive deep into everything gaming, from the hottest news to timeless classics. Whether you're a hardcore gamer or just starting your gaming adventure, Gaming Junction promises a holistic and engaging experience tailored just for you. We'll have a small forum, but the main focus of this website is to create a social platform. We have a newsfeed where you will be able to follow your friends on this platform. Share your streaming video's, etc. More details coming soon!

Searching for Passionate Staff Members!

As we gear up for our big reveal, we're seeking 1-2 dedicated individuals who share our passion for gaming and want to be a foundational part of the exciting launch of Game Junction.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Drafting and publishing engaging articles or news reports related to the gaming world.
  • Managing and frequently updating our upcoming Facebook page with fresh content, including articles, video snippets, game reviews, and community interactions.
  • Both R&R's are not required, but if you can do this, then you're a step ahead of your fellow applicants.
Ideal Candidate:

  • A passionate gamer with an eye for detail and the latest gaming trends.
  • Capable of producing high-quality content that resonates with our audience.
  • Experience or willingness to manage social media platforms, particularly Facebook.
  • Collaborative, proactive, and ready to bring innovative ideas to the table.
How to Apply:

  1. Send me a brief introduction about yourself and your gaming journey.
  2. Include samples or links to your written content (if available).
  3. Share any prior experience in social media management or content creation.
Interested? Think you're the right fit? Shoot me an application through PM. :)