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Shawn Gossman

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Forum Admin
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Jun 17, 2022
The basic default forum staff levels are administrator and moderator for the most part.

Some forums have super moderators and single-board moderators.

Some forums have multiple admin and multiple moderators.

Some only have 1 admin (the forum owners) and then just moderators.

Where does your forum stand in all of this?
It is nice to have different levels of staff. Like admin, super mod, mod etc.
I've always had one admin and two global moderators. It's always worth having a few moderators incase something goes wrong and you're not around.
I am ok with handing over the admin badge to someone I trust.
That is one reason forum software should never allow access to the hosting folder through ACP. It is a huge security risk. Because if they are related, when one falls, the whole infrastructure is at risk.