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Official Topic Forum Showcase - Submission Guidelines (Please Read!)

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Shawn Gossman

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Jun 17, 2022
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Forum Admin Forum Guidelines
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Forum Showcase​

Forum Showcase is a free feature of Forum Admin Forum that allows registered members to submit their website to show off to the rest of the community and the internet. The website is even indexed by search engines which may or may not provide a backlink for it, essentially helping with search engine optimization. There are some guidelines (listed below) for using this feature that all members must follow at all times. Since the links posted here belong to third parties and go to external websites, Forum Admin Forum is not liable for activities created by such websites. Please use this feature at your own risk.

Forum Showcase - Guidelines​

The following guidelines are required by all members of the forum:
  1. All websites must belong to the member submitting them. You may not submit a website on behalf of another person. Your website can only be submitted here if you're a member of this community.
  2. All websites must abide by the terms and conditions of our Forum Guidelines and our Privacy Policy.
  3. Websites may not contain hate/bigotry/racism/harassment of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or creed.
  4. Websites may not contain harmful content that can disrupt or manipulate a computer and/or internet service (i.e. viruses, adware, ransomware, etc.)
  5. Dark web and/or Black Hat SEO and/or nulled websites are prohibited.
  6. Commercial product websites are only allowed if the product relates to the forum niche.
  7. Sticky topics are available for purchase. These cost $10 a month. Please send a message to @Shawn for details.
  8. You must select a prefix before the title that best describes your website submission.

NOTE: All website submissions must be reviewed and approved by official forum staff team members before they show to the public. This is done to prevent spam and/or violations of the above terms.

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Guidelines updated. You no longer need 10 posts to promote your forum. :)

If you just want to join to promote your forum and that's it, I'm just happy you decided to become a member here :)
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