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Jun 20, 2022
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Forum Promotion
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Forum Promotion has recently merged with Promotion Future. We'll soon be offering more services for not only your forum and blog, but other types of websites as well.

Stripe will be accepted as payment for USD purchase requests and Private requests are coming soon!

Here are some videos Katrina has made:

This one is a Shorts for Free Canva users. You need to see this!
I'm glad to see the new FP going this way. Glad everyone has found a way to work together and aim for a better community :)
I'm glad to see the new FP going this way. Glad everyone has found a way to work together and aim for a better community :)

We're really happy and the team we have all get along very well. There's no drama on staff and that's always the best way to run a business!

We've introduced our new video trailers for authors! We're always looking for new ways to do promotions.

Here is a sample of one of our video trailers we recently did for author Lauren Bolger for her new book Kill Radio.

My client's feedback on this book trailer video was that it gave him goosebumps! I love it when the client is happy. He has over 500 views on Twitter already for the video and he just posted it today. Hopefully he gains some book sales...and also, I hope he sends his author friends my way to buy videos for their books as well.

Here's the video:

It's Alive! Social Promotion 500x500.png

Forum Promotion isn't letting the Social Promotion Services die out! We're running a free promotion thru Oct. 14.

Preposterous Promotional sPooky Post Party2.png

It's Halloween time!! We've added a new Holidays & Celebrations forum!

Post in the above thread with your post count and then post around the site to earn prizes!

Have you seen our online Haunted House? Enter for a chance to win $15 USD!​

The Virtual Visit is a cool addition to the forum. Something you don't see on others but can really benefit the forum owner. :)