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Forum Posting is Good or Bad for a website

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As in posting on other forums? It isn't going to be the miracle cure for SEO rankings, but backlinks never hurt and the essentially free promotion is always nice. I can't say that I would join a forum I disliked and suffer through posting just to get my link out as there are much better options.
Yes, forum posting is the best way to create powerful backlinks for our website.This also help in to promote our brand( satta matka)
Only problem.... many forums have links in their threads shown as nofollow, which kills the backlink attempts that occur when using one or multiple links to a site in a post.
simple fact is... by default, XF links in posts are no-follow.... so spamming them links in posts ultimately do no good to gain search engine tracking.
I agree.

At one time, getting backlinks on a forum might had been "possible" but essentially the abuse of doing that has made most links 'No Follow'. I don't even offer guest bloggers a do follow link on my blog. Their contribution isn't meant to be a backlink generator.

It's a poor way to get links depending on a forum to spam for those links. You should be on a forum to be a part of that community otherwise, why waste a membership?