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Shawn Gossman

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Jun 17, 2022
Howdy Friends,

Aside from Our Official Guidelines, there are some extra guidelines for using this particular section and they are:
  1. By using Forum Classifieds, you agree that ForumAdminForum.com and its staff, operators, affiliates, and partners have no responsibility and/or liability for sales made on this forum. By using this forum, you agree to this term.
  2. You should ensure that you use a secure payment method for any online transaction such as PayPal.com.
  3. You agree that all sales are accurate and non-fraudulent.
  4. Unethical classified activities will result in a permanent ban because we don't want that kind of trash on this forum.
  5. All transactions are between sellers and buyers only.
If you do not agree with these guidelines, you're prohibited from using Forum Classifieds.
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