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Official Topic Forum Admin Articles - Guidelines and Information (Please Read)

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Forum Admin Forum Articles​

Welcome to the Forum Articles section of Forum Admin Forum. This section allows members of the community to submit their own articles featuring topics about the webmaster and related activities. The activity and amount of articles posted in this section rely on member contributions. Since articles are posted by members, Forum Admin Forum puts no guarantee of the truth or accuracy of the content provided. Use this section at your own risk.

Forum Admin Forum Articles - Guidelines

  1. All articles must be genuine and not copied from an external website.
  2. All articles must be relevant to the topic selected in the prefix and title.
  3. Articles may not contain more than 1 affiliate link.
  4. Affiliate links must be identified in the article (no exceptions).
  5. Spam will not be tolerated.
  6. Articles that are not related to the niche of the forum are not allowed.
  7. You must select a prefix before the title that best describes the article's topic (choose "Other" if you don't know).
  8. The article must be your own work and not that of another person, service, or entity.
  9. Plagiarism is prohibited and may result in a forum ban.
  10. Posting an article with the intent to promote a website or commercial item (without permission) is prohibited.

Forum Admin Forum Articles - Additional Policies​

Your articles must also abide by our Official Forum Guidelines and our Official Privacy Policy.

Articles must be written in English and use proper grammar/spelling.

You may post as many articles as you want to post! Enjoy this section!

NOTE: All new articles submitted must be reviewed and approved by forum staff team members before they become visible to the public. This is done to prevent spam and violations of the rules.

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