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Favorite defunct forum software?

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Shawn Gossman

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Jun 17, 2022
Do you have a favorite forum software that is now defunct and no longer available?

Myself, I really enjoyed Php Nuke. To me, it was like creating the first social networking site. It used PhpBB2 in it.

It's totally defunct now after it became unstable for security.

How about you? Do you have a favorite?
Ikonboard. (I am not a shill for it lol).

I just loved how it worked and looked.

OvBB too. It was an open source reimplementation of VB2, and was done by one man.
MyBB. I really thought 1.9 would be delivered sooner than it appears.
MyBB. I really thought 1.9 would be delivered sooner than it appears.
It doesn't look like too many feature changes with 1.9

Of course, I'm sure the theme and template change is a big overhaul so in reality, it's probably a big change after all.

So, MyBB 1.8 isn't responsive by default I take it?
Zetaboards was great, real shame they got sold to crappy Tapatalk.

I used to really like Boardnation, genuinely thought that was really cool. Shame its not remembered much these days.
You know I don't think I ever tried Zetaboards.

I remember seeing it.

I probably joined forums that used it.

But I never made a forum with it.
Me neither. Long said goodbye to pre-hosted forums of that genre.