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Endangered Species

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Hakuna Matata
Charter Member
Big Board Owner
Jun 20, 2022
Do you worry about the world’s endangered species?

Why are so many species becoming endangered?

Do you think the list of endangered species can ever get shorter?

What should governments do to protect endangered species?

endangered species news GIF by NowThis
I do.

I'm a protector of endangered snake species. Lots of people hate snakes. I hate plagues, myself. Rats and rodents cause the majority of them. Snakes eat those things. If we rid snakes of the world, we potentially will rid humans of the world.

So, I'm for keeping snakes alive :cool:
I'm curious as to how the endangered species that only live or will soon only live in captivity are going to work out in the long term. There are perks to captive-bred species being able to be reintroduced into the wild, but we are approaching many situations where their natural wild home will simply not exist one day.