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Do you market offline at all?

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Shawn Gossman

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Jun 17, 2022
My largest niche is a local niche so I can get away with a lot of offline marketing. But not every industry is like that.

How about your website niche? Are you able to market it off the internet at all?
It's always very good when you market both online and offline. It gives you a wider reach to get to people while you can't have access to in the online space. Two point of contact is better than having just one and it's why I always make use of both offline and online for my marketing.
I haven't been able to market my website niche offline yet but it's something that I'm working on currently. It's not going to be long and I would have something out there that's going to help me promote my websites services offline. It's definitely going to benefit me a lot more better.