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Jun 17, 2022
Welcome to the Official Community Guidelines for Discuss Communities. All members of the community must follow the following guidelines. By using this community, you agree to these guidelines. If you do not agree to these guidelines, you may not use this community in any way. We reserve the right to modify and add to these guidelines without notice.

By using this community, you agree not to:
  1. Be hateful, discriminating, racist, a bigot, or display hateful/constant negative behavior in the community
  2. Abuse, Stalking, Harassment, Flaming, or Trolling of any kind
  3. Flooding the forum, excessive bumping, posting nonsense, or confusing messages
  4. Advertising or posting commercial links without approval
  5. Profanity, adult-rated content, or obscenity of any kind
  6. Plagiarism or copyright/trademark/trade secret violations of any kind
  7. Creating multiple accounts
  8. Violating laws or conducting illegal activity of any kind

Posting Etiquette Expected by All Members:​

  • We ask that you do not bump threads which means to reply to a thread to get it to the top
  • Please remain on topic at all times. Create a new topic if you wish to discuss an additional topic or sub-topic
  • If you ask to be critiqued, don’t become upset if the critique isn’t what you expected
  • Do not post about the same topic more than once. Please use the search function before you create a new topic
  • All content posted on this forum must for appropriate for a General Audience
  • All avatars, usernames, profile content, and signatures must be suitable for a General Audience

Intellectual Property, Copyright, Trademarks, and Trade Secret​

Using or posting content or the work of another person, entity, business, organization, or government agency without permission, in violation of copyright, against a trademark or trade secret, or in breach of classified information is strictly prohibited.

Member Privacy​

We respect your privacy. You can read more about that in our Privacy Policy. You must respect your privacy and the privacy of other community members and those not in the community.

Posting private information of any kind is strictly prohibited. Posting private discussions from the Private Message System is also prohibited.

Advertising Guidelines​

  • Advertising or posting commercial information and links is strictly prohibited unless authorized by the administrator. Contact the administrator for advertising information.
  • Members may provide up to one link in their signature to websites they run. Links may not lead to commercial websites without administrator permission.
  • Members may post links in topics and sections where it is allowed or has appropriately been requested.

Reporting Violations​

All members are encouraged to report violating using the report features. Even if you are unsure if it is a violation, we can investigate it and determine whether or not it is one. Excessive reporting is discouraged and could lead to disciplinary action. Making a false report is strictly prohibited.

Disciplinary Actions​

Our forum moderators have the complete discretion to act against violations when necessary. Moderators can give warnings, coach members, suspend features for members, temporarily suspend member accounts, and even permanently ban members from the forum. To avoid actions taken on your account, follow the common sense guidelines above.

This policy was implemented to ensure all members of the Discuss Communities can enjoy the forum together without conflicts.

Last Update: 05/30/2023
* Changed "Forum Admin Forum" to "Discuss Communities"
* Updated links to new domain name

Thanks for being a member of the Discuss Communities!
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