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Forum Management Deciding on Your Forum Niche (Forum Creation Series)

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Coming up with the best forum niche seems almost impossible with all the topics out there on the internet.

Imagine being able to find your niche and be one step closer to getting your community off the ground in the short amount of time it takes you to read this article.

Ready to make that a reality? Continue reading this article.

Don’t Choose Just Any Forum Niche​

So many forum owners are making the dire mistake of going with the most popular niche they can find.

Creating a flourishing forum isn’t about choosing the most popular niche online. It’s about choosing a niche that you can make successful through knowledge a commitment. The most popular niche online is going to be the most competitive niche online. Competing with forums in that niche will be challenging unless you know a lot about it.

I could never create a community based on the forum niche of gaming, even though it’s a top forum niche. I don’t get into gaming. So, I wouldn’t even know where to start setting up the forum and what content to post.

Choosing a niche because it’s popular might make you set up your forum for failure.

Your Forum Niche Should Be Your Passion​

Instead of choosing the most popular niche you can find, choose a niche that reflects what you’re most passionate about.

A thriving online community is one where the owner knows a lot about the topic which the community is about. You’ll have great ideas for new content when it is about a topic you’re passionate about. You’re usually not going to be burned out when focusing on your passion.

I’m passionate about message forum administration. I’ve been doing it for over 25 years. I’ve had many successful forums and many forums that failed. I love giving people advice on how to have a successful message forum. The forum admin niche works well for me.

Choosing a forum niche based on what you know most about will set you up for tremendous success at the end of the day.

Research Your Forum Niche First​

Choosing your greatest passion as your niche might not be enough to start a community in it.

Just because you’re passionate about something doesn't mean many other people are, too. Before you get too ahead, you should research your hopeful niche. Get online and make sure there is a community for it. If there is no competition, that might mean that there isn’t a big enough following online for a forum to make sense in that niche. Not every niche is going to make a good forum niche.

I’ve learned this one the hard way. I’ve created various forums based on topics I got into without researching first. I quickly discovered that a community was nowhere to be found for the niche, and my efforts were wasted.

Don’t waste your efforts; do the proper research before choosing the best forum niche.

Choosing a forum niche may look like a challenging task. It could be challenging to look in the right places. But if you use my simple advice above, you’ll have no problem figuring out what your forum should be about. If you enjoyed this article and want to see more, let me know by replying below.
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