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Cooking Pasta

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Jun 20, 2022
Do you like pasta? Have you ever made it homemade?

dinner pasta GIF
Love pasta, but never made my own. It is quite a process for how cheap you can buy it for. I will often buy a more premium brand for fancy dinners, but even those are not much money.
I love it during the cycling season. When I do longer bike rides, pasta is perfect to eat the night before to give you plenty of fuel for your ride.

I typically just make a simple recipe.

I don't have too much time to do homemade stuff. But it's homemade in a way, make my own sauce and use box noodles.

What's everyone's favorite type of pasta noodle?

I'm a bowtie fan myself!
I make homemade pasta and it tastes SO much better than the boxed kind! It really doesn't take too long to make if you are a homemaker, like me, but because it's high in carbs, I don't make it too often. I buy semolina flour and usually mix half that with half all-purpose flour along with a little salt and not too much water. You don't want it too sticky. I've also added fresh basil to the dough which makes it a bit more flavorful.
I like pasta. I don't know how to make it myself though.... But I don't really cook much. A gas stove and pyrophobia make it kind of hard. People often tell me "just get an electric stove then!" but I guess they don't understand how apartments in my area work. xD

That aside... My favorite pasta type? I guess ravioli in general would be my favorite. Or penne. Or spaghetti or angel hair type pastas. I think one of those four would be my top. But probably ravioli. xD