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Cold calling companies directory to sell advertising space on your forum

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Shawn Gossman

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Jun 17, 2022
Cold calling is basically you making a point of contact with a company and pitching them the idea of purchasing advertising space on your forum.

Alternative advertising techniques like Google AdSense are harder to use these days. Google doesn't approve AdSense users like it used to. They require more from you as a website than most might think it is worth. If you get approved, you then deal with a lack of revenue earnings because many forum members use ad-blocking technologies. Trying to deter members from using ad-blockers will only result in a lack of interest in your forum.

So, why not sell ads to companies directly and cut out the middleman?

Block direct ads is not as easy as blocking AdSense, and they're often less intrusive to your forum members.

The skill needed is how you get companies to take your offer. You might have to master your copy skills in email cold calls. You'll probably be rejected at first, but that allows you to learn why you were rejected.

The ultimate win will be a company agreeing to purchase ads. Then you get the benefit of raking in the total amount rather than getting a small percentage of what Google wishes to give you.

What are your thoughts on using this technique to earn revenue with a forum using advertising methods?