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Shawn Gossman

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Jun 17, 2022
Have you ever heard of the CODOFORUM software?

Here is an example of what the forum looks like:

The forum appears to have a very modern design, is extremely mobile ready, and has many features.

Pricing starts at FREE to $999.

Free plan includes all forum features with a link back to the software. That's pretty good for a free plan!

What would make you interested in using CODOFORUM?

What would stop you from using it?
Yes, I really tried to use it.

But the free version had some limitation that was critical for my use case.
I don't remember now. But it had some features in paid version only.
Here's the $999 features aside from "all forum features"

  • We Configure and Install Codoforum
  • Perform Security Audit & Server Hardening
  • Maintain, apply security patches
    and upgrade for 2 years
  • Social Login Integration
    (Includes FB,G+ & Twitter)
  • Configure emails/SMTP notifications
  • No Powered by
  • Integrate login with existing website
  • Priority Support
  • Includes 2 years of hosting
  • Import from exisiting forum
  • Custom theme to match
    with your website
I think it was the lack of updates that didn't work for me.