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Chit Chat Thread

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Hi folks, hows it going?

Hello all! Hows it going?

I hope all the Americans out there had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday. Did anyone get any good black Friday deals? Cyber monday is coming up too.

I did! That's why I've been absent. I disconnect during the holidays and focus on family and having fun.

We did a Thanksgiving breakfast this year. We'll be doing that from now on! :cool:
Nice that you guys are having fun. Any good deals you grabbed?
Hi peeps, hows it going? :)

Looks like its just a couple days from Christmas.

Anyone have any plans?

Hi peeps, hows it going? :)

Looks like its just a couple days from Christmas.

Anyone have any plans?

Christmas greetings from Kris P. Bacon and his sidekick, the amazing satirical squirrel.​

I don’t know where you’re from, but in my part of the UK it’s absolutely dismal! The big retail stores are doing their best to put a happy face on it with festive banners and employees with Santa hats, but the usual lights on houses have all but gone because of the price of electricity. It’s like the season of gloom around here. I’ve decided to spend Christmas with the Kardashians! 👍

Yes, it’s that time of year again and to greet in the festivities, Kim Kardashian has released a new hit single, "F**k Santa, Apple are releasing an iphone update." In at number three, Kim has been top of the charts at least once every decade since George Washington crossed the Delaware River in 1776!

Including a mix of rap and punk leaving twitter fans disappointed at her departure from the traditional "I’m dreaming of a neutral colour Christmas", asked to comment Kim replied "they can all f**k off coz I’ve got more than them."

The controversial lyrics include the lines.

Hey everybody look at me,
I’ve got the latest iphone and you haven’t,
Free Palestine yeah yeah yeah. (x4)

Happy Christmas, or if you’re in the US an awesome one like whatever. :)
I was alone for the holidays for several years.

Now that I have a family, I cherish these days to get together and spend the holidays with them.

Family and love is my #1 during the holidays.

We do Christmas eve at the inlaws. We do Christmas morning (breakfast) at home (me, her and the daughter). Then we do Christmas dinner at my family's.

We'll try to add a hike in early Christmas eve to go clean up trash somewhere on the trails.

We do it on Thanksgiving, too.